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All RCTS Bulldogs, friends of "Old Randolph", and community supporters were cordially invited to attend the 2017 Reunion Centennial events July 21-23. This image was used on the front of t-shirts being sold to raise scholarship funds. Principal Thigpen is shown with 4th and 5th classes of 1936.

Read about this remarkable woman educator. We owe her and all the other highly dedicated principals, teachers, and support personnel a debt we can only repay by never forgetting her dedication to RCTS during its early days of existence and by supporting the aspirations of today's generation of students. BULLDOGS FOREVER!

RCTS 8th graders pose in front of the 1919 RCTS building for  with Principal E. S. Peoples in 1940. This image was used on the back of the 2017 t-shirt sold to raise funds for the RCTSSF.

1919 RCTS school building with its principal, the student body and teachers in front.

RCTS Class of 1939. Members included Velma Heard  and Mittie Bell Almond. Velma later married Jessie Terry, founder of Terry Mfg. Co., Roanoke, AL.

RCTS 8th graders pose in front of the 1919 RCTS building for  with Principal E. S. Peoples in 1940. Female students are wearing their required school uniforms.

RCTS 4th and 5th graders pose in front of the 1919 building for a photo with principal E. S. Peoples in 1936. Alfred Hill later became an ordained minister. He is the last person to the right on the last row.

Who are these students? They are standing near the C.C.C. barrack buildings used as temporary classrooms at RCTS after the 1919 school building burned in Feb. 1943.

1948 RCTS Football Team with Principal Warren Minnifield and Coach Hill in the picture.

RCTS Class of 1950, Dr. Warren Minnifield was the Principal. This was the first class to graduate in the newly constructed building that replaced the 1919 school building that burned in Feb. 1943.

RCTS Football team in 1958. Coach H.L. Shaw later became RCTS Principal.

Original members of the RCTS "Mighty Bulldog Marching Band". Mr. Robert Shorter was its first band director.

The "Mighty Bulldog Band" of RCTS parade down Dexter Ave. in Montgomery, AL in front of the Alabama Capitol building in 1959. Aaron Winston - Drum Major.

1948 RCTS School Building

RCTS Class of 1959. Ms. Mae Fannie Trimble Ingram was the Class Sponsor. The class included Charles Kimber who became a renowned psychologist. At age 27 he became the head of the State of Kentucky's Hospital for the Retarded. He was a graduate of Tennessee State Univ.

RCTS Student Government Members in 1957. Top students academically were generally elected to the SGA.

RCTS Class of 1967. The ceremony was held in the gymnasium.

RCTS property was sold to John T. Shealey and H.T. "Lightning" Rosser in September 1970 at an auction on the courthouse steps in Wedowee, Randolph County. Both men were local businessmen.

RCTS schoolmates met in Florida for fun and sharing old memories.

RCTS Classes of 1967 and 1968 gather for a joint class reunion at the 431 Banquet Hall in Roanoke, AL.

Members of the 1967 and 1968 RCTS classes. They held a class reunion in Roanoke, AL.

Roy L. Clark (Class of '57) enjoys viewing photos of RCTS students at the 2007 RCTS Bar-b-Que at a marina in LaGrange, GA. He and his wife, Bonnie, regularly attend reunions.

Dr. Ben A. Outland, instructor and principal of RCTS in the 1950s and 1960s was the keynote speaker at the 2003 RCTS Maroon an Gold Banquet held at the Callaway Center in LaGrange, GA.

RCTS students who were transported to RCTS on the bus driven by King G. Thornton, received a token gift during a Maroon and Gold Banquet. They lived in the southeast portion of Randolph county (Rock Mills, Bacon-Level).

Mary Stitt Berry and Mary Morgan Baker, Co-Chairs of the 2009 RCTS Reunion held in Atlanta, greet fellow Bulldogs during the Maroon and Gold Banquet.

2013 Souvenir booklet sold to raise funds for the RCTS Scholarship Foundation. Since 2005, the Fund has awarded 51 scholarships to Randolph County Alabama high schools graduating seniors. In 2017, eleven scholarships were made.Click here to purchase RCTS fundraising items.