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The class of 1945 included 13 girls and 3 boys.  The following information was provided by a member of the class, John E. Hendrick, the class salutatorian, and future RCTS teacher and coach, Mt. Carmel Elementary School principal, and Rock Mills Junior High School principal.

Class members:

Mildred Culpepper, Valedictorian, John E. Hendricks, Salutatorian, McKinley Houston, Ida Coleman (Shaw), Juanita Seymour, Willie Lee Nelson, Eva Pate, Pearl King, Willie Elmer Stokes, Ofelia Busby, Mildred Wilkes, John Battle, Bernice Battle, and Cleas O'Neal.

The Class of 1945 graduated near the end of World War II.  They spent the last 2 years of high school attending classes at the Sanctified Church located on Chemical Ave. because their beloved school had burned to the ground in February 1943.

Mr. Hendricks shared his memories of attending first through sixth grades at Pine Grove Elementary School located in the Wehadkee community near the Wehadkee Post Office.. The school was a one-teacher school. During his time at the school his teachers were Ms. Margaret McCoy and Ms. Kitty Sue Mart

Hendricks said in a 2006 interview he had never seen RCTS until the day he enrolled there in the 7th grade.  He had only been to Roanoke one time before the first day of school.  He did well at RCTS, particularly in Math and Science classes.  He was also a member of the school choir.

His 7th grade teachers were: Mr. Christarphen, Mr. L.Driver Hill, Mr. Clarence Edmonson, Miss May Jean Clark (English), and Miss Jefferson (English). There were 77 students in his 7th grade class whose ages ranged from 13 to 20.