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The Wehadkee School was a 2-Teacher school.  It was built in 1921-22 at a cost of $1950.00 across the road from the Wehadkee Missionary Baptist Church.  The construction costs were covered by contributions of $750.00 from Negroes; $250.00 from Whites; $450.00 from the Public; and $500.00 from the Rosenwald School Foundation. In later years, the school was enlarged due to increasing enrollment of students from the Wehadkee, Springfield, and High Shoals communities.

The Wehadkee School burned the school year of 1942-1943. William (RCTS class of 1928) Royston and wife were last to teach in the original building.  They had taught there together since 1933. The school year of 1943-1944, Ida Royston taught at the RCTS classes  that were housed in the St. Paul Baptist Church which has since been torn down and relocated across the street.  It was referred to as  the Hill City site.  Classes were  being held at various locations  due to the fire at the main RCTS academic building in February of 1943. The superintendent was B.F. Simms who later moved to a position in the Birmingham area.

Thanks to Dr. Lloyd Royston, the son of William and Ida Royston, for providing the foregoing information.

The Wehadkee School (Rear View)  - Photo: Courtesy Fisk University

The Wehadkee School (Front View)  - Photo: Courtesy Fisk University