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Members of the Class of 1956 were: Corrine Barrow, Naomi Bell, Vivan Benton, Fannie Davenport, Ethel Dukes, Mae Dell Dukes, Catherine Glenn, Laura P. Goodwin, Nellie Heath, Margaret Heflin, Carolyn Johnson, Elaine Johnson, Margaret Kelly, Hattie Longshore, Lovie Moody, Benice Stephens, Sarah Stephens, Maggie L. Thornton, Peggy Watkins, Rebecca Wilson, William Broome, David Burts, Melvin Chappell, Roy Ester, Eddie Lee Heard, Thomas Houston, Amos Johnson, Rudolph Johnson, J.L. Molden, Jessie Rowe, Raymond Scales, Willie Houston, Sherrell Frazier, Jimmie Tatum, Lonnie Woods, and Samuel Barsh.

Mrs. Katherine Robinson was the class sponsor.