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A 1955 senior class photo is not available. Below are the members of the class of 1955.

Lois Adamson of Roanoke, Bernice Boddie of Roanoke, Gwendolyn Brown of Roanoke, Aggie Burts of Roanoke, Marie Busbee of Roanoke, Lela Cofield of Bacon Level, Alma Dukes of Wadley, Lavada Esters of Roanoke, Judy Foster of Wehadkee, Ethel Houston of Malone, Eurine Lowe of Wadley, Rosie Marable of Malone, Ann Martin of Roanoke, Louise Poole of Wadley, Francis Scales of Malone, Edna Slay of Rock Mills, Charles Smith of Roanoke, Margarett Smith of Roanoke, Olivia Smith of Roanoke, Vesta Stephens of Newell, Sarah Terry of Roanoke, Minnie Williams of Five Points, Annette Zachary of Roanoke, Rogers Boyd of Woodland, James Davenport of Malone, Ervin Dowdell of Wadley, Edward Ford of Roanoke, Claxton Johnson of Rock Mills, Robert Phillips of Wehadkee, and Willis Stephens of Newell.

For most of its existence, RCTS was the only high school for Blacks in Randolph County. Notice the many communities where the members of the 1955 graduating class lived.

Photo Id: Top Row-Rock Mills Missionary Baptist Church/Rocks Mills Elementary School
Middle Row-Mrs. Mayme Shealey, Principal of Rock Mills Elementary School/RCTS Class of 1955 dressed up for a group picture taken in 1955.
Bottom Row-RCTS Class of 1955 members at the 2015 RCTS Reunion/
Gwendolyn Brown Nelson, member of the 1955 Class, hostess of the 2013 RCTS Reunion

Before the many Randolph County, Alabama segregated schools designated for Black students were consolidated into the Randolph County Training School (RCTS), schools such as the Rock Mills School provided education to Black students. The small rural schools were extensions of their churches and in many cases they were Rosenwald Schools. The Rock Mills School is pictured here with the Rock Mills Church. The school was located next to the church and relied heavily on the congregation for support. For many years, Ms. Mayme Shealey served as the instructional leader. Many of the 1955 RCTS graduating class members attended the Rock Mills School. Among them who are pictured here are: Lois Adams, Margaret Smith, Claxton Johnson, Sarah Terry, Lavada Ester, Judy Foster, Olivia Smith, C. Smith, Robert Smith, Lela Cofield, Angie Burt, Gwendolyn Nelson, and Edna G. Slay. After 61 years, many members of the 1955 class still support the RCTS Reunion legacy and tradition. Thanks to Gwendolyn Brown-Nelson (granddaughter of Ms. Shealey) for providing the historic photo of the Rock Mills students.