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Members of the Class of 1968 were: Robert “Bill” Heflin, Jr., Richard Slay, Doris M. Thornton, Calvin McFarland, Doris Thornton, Charlie Jones, Morgan, Robert Winston, Johnny Goss, Jessie Ruth Henderson, Shirley Strickland, Lela Pinkard, Susie B. Baker, Cozelle Swint, Frances Walker, Henry F. Winston, Henry Winston, D. Slay, Lella Pinkard, Polly Winston, Blake Foster, Caroline Foster, Reginald Smith, Bennie Cannon, Joseph Bryant, Howard Cofield, Calvin McFarland, Dallas McFarland, Jeannette Clark, Veronica Bell, Edward Johnson, Coley Johnson, F. L. Paige, Veronica Belle, and Curtis Calloway.

Ms. Mae Fannie Trimble was class sponsor.