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The 1970 RCTS graduating class was the last class to proudly wear the Maroon and Gold gowns.  Their school was closed forerver as a result of school desegration mandated by order of a U.S. Federal judge.  It was a bitter-sweet moment for the newly minted Bulldogs. They moved boldly into the world, fully prepared to follow the 50 previous graduating classes of "Old Randolph", un-afraid, ready for any challenge, proud to carry the name "RCTS Bulldogs."

Mrs. Johnnie Jackson, a high school Mathematics instructor, was the class sponsor.

Members of the Class of 1970 were: John Frank Houston, Gail Trammell, Edwina Smith, Sidney Johnson, Bobby Baker, Ronnie Jones, Alphonso Minnifield, Ethel Barrow, Clayton Foster, Sandra Dorsey, Betty Rachel, Rebecca Pate, Brenda Stitt, Brunette Swint, Mary Ann Houston, Kathy Royston (Handley), Mary Higgins, Linda Bryant, Patricia Cameron, Carolyn Heard, Brenda Stitt, Carolyn Traylor, Claude Bell, John Chapman, James Dunson, Jesse Kirk, Alford Hill, Grady Stevens, Rosser Jones, Fred Johnson, Dennis Ware, Jeral Thomas, Mary Alice Strickland, Gloria Jean Jordan, Josh Brown, Johnnie Mae Johnson, Mary Pogue, Jerry Robinson, Laverne Turner, and Vail Shaw (transferred)

Long Live the Mighty Bulldogs!