RCTS Re-Purposed As Terry Manufacturig

After closing the school, the authorities sold the school buildings and the land (30-plus acres) to a group of Black citizens, who later sold them to the Terry family. Although thought was given to converting the school to a county technical school, the idea never materialized. The Terry family converted the school buildings to factory facilities where a wide variety of apparel was produced for many years. The 1949 RCTS School Building burned to the ground in the 1980s. The gymnasium and the elementary school annex were not involved in the fire.

The 1949 RCTS School Building was replaced with a modern factory building that still stands, although it is no longer owned by the Terry family. The former RCTS school property is currently owned by the Randolph County Industrial Development Board.

The main RCTS Building is on the left, the gymnasium in the center, and the elementary school annex is the building on the right. This photo was taken from across the athletic field where physical education classes and track meets were held. During the summer, baseball games were held between the local Roanoke baseball team (all Black) and teams from surrounding communities in Alabama and Georgia. The Roanoke team was managed for many years by King George Thornton, who was also a RCTS school bus driver.